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Dispatch Service FAQ’S

Who is Flat Rate Dispatch Service For?

It’s for any Independent Owner Operator who operates 1 Semi Tractor and wants to build business credit. 

How does your Flat Rate Dispatch Work?

  • It’s $1600.00 monthly.
  • Builds Business Credit (must have an EIN and D&B number)
  • Reports to D&B, Equifax and Experian

Our Flat Rate Dispatch service assists you in building Business Credit which is a huge Value and Advantage in the trucking industry because from our research, starter Net 30 vendor accounts have little value  as far as products offered that a Truck Driver/ Owner Operator can actually use.

What exactly does your Flat Rate Dispatch service cover?

While you drive we are your Personal Assistant, we will …. Plan your trips, you tell us how hard you want to run, how much money you want to make, your RPM, detention, Tonu etc and we’ll stay a step ahead with booking your loads while helping you stay HOS compliant.

  • Post your truck to load boards
  • Answer the phone and Negotiate Top Paying Rates
  • Submit setup Paperwork
  • Request Insurance Certificates
  • Email You the BOL’s
  • Credit Checks
  • Driver Directions Assistance
  • Factor Setup Assistance
  • You’re not locked into a contract. Utilize our month to month Flat Rate Dispatch service as much or as little as you like.

How soon can I get started?

  • Usually within 24 hours of submitting your completed paperwork if we have a dispatcher available to dispatch you. 

Who pays who and how?

  • We’re only responsible for accepting your payments for our service.
  • You pay us directly for our services via a 3rd party financial institution
  • We accept NO monies from brokers or companies for loads that you haul because we work for YOU.
  • You pay us, and the brokers, shipper or your factoring service pays you!

How do I get paid for the loads I’ve delivered?

  • That side of your business will continue as usual. IF you are set up with a factoring service, you will continue that as usual. IF you need a factoring service, we will help you get set up with that. IF you are set up with any company who does quick pay, that will continue as before. IF you wait for a company to pay you via check or ACH that will continue as before. You are responsible to submitting your BOL’s to the proper party for payment. 

Can I change dispatchers?

  • Yes, you may request another dispatcher at anytime, no questions asked because we understand that not everyone will mesh. Our dispatchers are also allowed to request a change as well. Just call / text the owner and request a new dispatcher.

Do you offer 24/7 Dispatch?

  • Short answer is, NO!
  • Long Answer? It’s not a requirement of our Personal dispatchers that one be available 24/7 however, A couple of our dispatchers will offer that access. You will always have a contact number incase of an emergency. 

What are your hours of operation?

  • Although we are located in WY, our dispatchers operate on EST from 7am – 5:30-6:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

How many trucks do your dispatchers work with at a time?

  • Our dispatchers only work with 1-2 trucks at a time to insure you that you’ve been properly taken care of. You won’t get lost in the cracks with us. 

Do I have to be building Business Credit to utilize your Flat Rate Dispatch?

Short answer? No, you do not.

Long answer? If for whatever reason you do not want to use our monthly Flat Rate, we can offer you a weekly Flat Rate of $400.00, paid in advance OR paid immediately after we send you the Rate Con for your first load.

  • We accept all major credit cards and process your credit card on file. You will immediately receive an invoice via text or email – your choice – afterwards for your tax records.

I want to get started but I need a D & B number, how do I obtain one?

  • Duns and Bradstreet offer several options, 1 is free and you can sign up for it here “Free D&B number! The free one will take 30 days to obtain. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR ON THE DAY YOU REQUEST A FREE D&B TO KEEP UP WITH IT – because their dashboard doesn’t say “pending”, “in process” or anything like that and IF you go through the process again, you’ll delay getting your number. Now ask me how I know? LOL.
  • The second one is expedited, it’s called a DUNSFile and costs 229.99 – you’ll have your D&B number within 5 days.

Contact us to see if we have any slots available