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Flat Rate Truck Driver Sourcing

Our Flat Rate Truck Driver Sourcing Service is simple! “Is it” you say? Why yes it is because we obtain qualified people looking for the job or jobs that you (as a business owner, a recruiter, staffing agency etc) have openings for. Some people call us the Recruiters recruiter. Meaning that we supply Recruiters and Head Hunters tons of resumes for most any given title they’re hiring for especially within the Trucking Industry! 

How does it work?

  • First and foremost, it’s a Flat Rate of $1600 for 1 month of services for 1 job description., IE: You have 10 trucks to fill, 1 job description will fill all 10 openings!  Net 30 Terms
  • We’ll connect via phone, brainstorm your needs and goals, see if we’re all a good fit.
  • IF we’re a good fit you’ll then proceed to payment for services.
  • Once payment is received, we’ll start your campaign.  
  • Once we start your campaign,
    1. You will receive full resumes as they come in with candidate’s contact info.
    2. It’s your job to screen candidates and see if they’re a good fit for your company. 


  • Why do Businesses and Recruiters utilize a service like this?

    • For the most part, they’re not getting results on their own.

  • Why must I prepay?

    • While we know and understand that this isn’t the norm for the trucking industry, we also know and understand that some trucking companies have an extremely high turn over rate which is why we do not work on a commission program or the program of being paid 30-90 days after hire. We’ve seen great candidates walk away from companies because of being lied to or being baited and switched. Thus Prepayment via invoice is required if you’re not utilizing our financing because our work and our “word and reputation” is more valuable than a rotating door.   

  • Do we offer financing?

    • Yes, we do and this is B2B financing that builds your business credit

  • What is our preferred method of payment?

    • Financing however we can make other arrangements if necessary. 

  • Are these resumes you simply find online?

    • NO! These are resumes of actual qualified people who have applied for your Job Opening and ready to be interviewed.

  • What will make us not a good fit?
    • Your offer and or your expectations. IE: Low driver pay, high expectation. (Slavery isn’t popular anymore!)

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